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Another reason not to use pop ups on your website

Google has recently warned against using pop ups which cover the screen of your website. As they're not very user friendly the search giant has decided that they're a negative sign with regards to the SEO of your site.

Yet people continue to use them - often to encourage an app download or to capture an email address.

I've come up against them a couple of times in the last few days with a new issue - and that's when I visit a site from with Facebook.

If you visit a website from within the Facebook app (I'm on an iPhone 6) you get a framed view of that website - with a browser bar along the top of the screen with options to return to Facebook or share the link in other ways. And very often that browser bar covers the close / X option on a pop up.

Another reason not to use pop ups on your website

Faced with this I have a few options - I could give them my email address (but I don't), I could just leave (which seems a shame) - or I could open the link in safari and then close the pop up, which is what I tend to do. But that is more hassle than if the pop up box was just a little lower on the screen so that I could have closed it, or if I could have clicked anywhere else on the screen to have closed it.


by Lisa

Lisa has been planning, designing and building websites for companies of all sizes for over 18 years. Nowadays you'll mainly find her wireframing and then designing complex sites over at 18a to make sure they flow well to give the user the best possible experience whilst providing great ROI for the client. She also teaches SEO (search engine optimisation).

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