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Clever copy and paste check from PC World

A clever little tactic on PC World's website impressed me today whilst shopping for a new monitor.

I selected the title of the product and copied it - ready to paste it into Google - and the site popped up a message telling me about it's price matching promise with selected competitors.

Clever copy and paste check from PC World

Personally, I was just going to Google the title to find out if it could be wall mounted, but very often people copy and paste an exact product title so as to see if they can find the product cheaper elsewhere. I thought PC World taking this as an opportunity to remind customers about their price comparison services is a considered, clever way of trying to keep hold of your purchase.


by Lisa

Lisa has been planning, designing and building websites for companies of all sizes for over 18 years. Nowadays you'll mainly find her wireframing and then designing complex sites over at 18a to make sure they flow well to give the user the best possible experience whilst providing great ROI for the client. She also teaches SEO (search engine optimisation).

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