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Starting a website

There are a lot of cowboy (and cowgirl) web designers and developers out there - and a lot more who really know what they're doing.

Whether you're going it alone, hiring a professional, or somewhere inbetween with a favour from a friend, you need to understand the process and your options so as to get the very best end result for you and your business.

Starting a website
  • Learn how to write an accurate website brief so you can collect comparable quotes (whilst not asking for things you don't actually need that will inflate the price)
  • Understand the options when deciding on the platform for your website - whether it's a brochure site, tech start up, ecommerce shop or blog
  • Know what you need to do - and when - to ensure the project runs to budget and timescales whether the website is for you or a client
Lisa Freeman: Course Tutor

Course Tutor

Lisa Freeman

Lisa has been earning a living on the web for almost 20 years and has been giving training to businesses and agencies for over a decade.

Having worked as a designer, developer, project manager, agency CEO and a client she can explain everything in a clear and easy to follow way, leaving you all set to achieve more online.

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