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Animated gifs

Duration 1 mins | Episode 5 of HTML5 banners

Again, a super short episode but has it's own place so it doesn't get forgotten.

Fall back gifs

Sometimes, HTML5 banners don't work for people - I mean, it's unlikely but it's possible. So for that reason, it's often the case that a publisher or an ad platform gives you the option to supply a back up gif, or fall back gif. Then, if the ad network can see the user is visiting from a browser or device that isn't going to support the HTML5 banner, it'll show the animated gif...

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Lisa Freeman: Course Tutor
By Lisa Freeman

Lisa has planning, designing and building websites for companies of all sizes for over 18 years. Now a days you'll mainly find her wireframing and then designing complex sites over at 18a to make sure they flow well to give the user the best possible experience whilst providing great ROI for the client. She also teaches SEO (search engine optimisation).